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Introducing Zoho Academy

Zoho has launched a brand new resource. They’re calling it Zoho Academy: an online, self-service archive of educational content designed to help people do business better. The intention? Businesses need two things if they’re going to do what they do well: the right tools and technology, and the right models to emulate. They’ve been offering you the first all along. Now they’re embarking on the second by scanning the business landscape, gathering up the best examples and best practices they can find, and offering them to you in one place.

Zoho roots for businesses of all sizes. It’s is a core value they’ve held from the beginning. For years, they’ve done so by enabling access to competitively-priced software—because they believe money should never be an impediment to accomplishing big things in business.

At some point, they realized that even though they offer the technology to solve virtually any business problem, there was one more element they could provide to help Users succeed: well-researched, comprehensive information about how to run a business that runs on our software.

When they started kicking around the idea of Zoho Academy, it was because they realized customers have questions that are bigger than how to use the products. You want to know how to run your day-to-day operations better. You want best practices. There are concepts and strategies you need clarification on. The mess of information out there is overwhelming. You have a businesses to run, after all; and you don’t have the time to go separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to finding the sources you can trust.

And while software is their craft, they also know a few things about running a business. After all, they’ve been around since 1996. In that time, they’ve built a suite of over 40 products to meet your needs as well as their own—from sales and marketing, to finance, to IT and help desk, to email and internal communications, to HR. They’ve grown the Zoho user base to over 35 million. They’ve grown their team to over 5,000. And they’ve done all of this without a penny of outside funding.

So while they are, at heart, a software company, they wanted to do more than teach customers how to use the products. Because the truth is that you can’t run your business on software alone. The questions your business has are sometimes bigger than the software it runs on.

They’ve started with a goal that applies to any business today: building a highly effective website. If you click today, you’ll find a growing number of ebooks on everything from homepages, to About Us pages, to FAQs, to online shops, to customer testimonials, to business blogs, to web forms and CTA buttons… along with a 9th ebook that highlights and details the best websites they’ve seen so far in 2018.

Moving forward, the goal is to keep developing materials and resources for the biggest, most pressing questions you have about running your business.

Of course, you don’t have to use Zoho products to get business value out of Zoho Academy… and that’s precisely the point. While there is some content on this site specific to Zoho products, they understand that a wide range of factors goes into your software decisions. And even if Zoho is not your software choice, they’d like to be a part of what makes your business thrive.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that Zoho apps can solve just about any business problem. Now they’ve got a growing knowledge base that’ll soon be able to do that, too.

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